Monday, September 24, 2012

The Widow's Mate: Review

The Widow's Mate
Author: Ralph McInerny
Publisher: Worldwide
Pages: 251


When Melissa Flanagan asks Father Dowling to pray for her dead husband's eternal soul, St. Hilary's popular parish priest is concerned with matters of a more corporeal nature - homicide. Wallace Flanagan had vanished a decade earlier with an inheritance and a mistress. Ten years of unanswered questions multiply when his body is found wedged inside a cement mixer belonging to the Flanagan family business.

Most of Flanagan's friends, family and sworn enemies have more than a passing interest in his murder. In fact, most of them have a motive. Soon a second body, that of a shady associate of Flanagan's, exposes some of Fox River's best kept - and dirtiest - secrets. Father Dowling's keen understanding of the best and worst of human nature leads him on a twisted path to a waiting killer.

My Thoughts:

I found the beginning of this book very hard to follow. It felt like the story jumped around and there were just SO many characters to try and keep track of. I think the story could have done with a few less of these minor characters.

The chapters were very short so it was a really fast read. Once I got farther into the book it started to be a little easier to follow and I actually ended up enjoying it. There are many twists to the storyline and you begin to think that you know "who done it" several times throughout the book only to find out that you're wrong. This novel keeps you guessing until the very end.

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