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Brianna the Ballet Fairy: Review

Brianna the Ballet Fairy
Brianna the Ballet Fairy
Author: Julia Dweck
Illustrator: Kimberly Soderberg
Publisher: KiteReaders
Pages: 25


Visit the magical world of Fairy Trails. Brianna the Ballet Fairy is an enchanting tale that will touch the heart of anyone who has ever had a special dream. Down among the sugarplums are sprites no bigger than your thumbs. Brianna is the smallest sprite who sprinkles sugar through the night. Enter a world of fairies, pixies and dazzling enchantment. Brianna wishes that she could dance with the elite Sugarplum Fairies who prance among the sugarplums. However, she is still too young. Can a pixie help Brianna realize her dream or will she trick Brianna, instead? The story is written in a lyrical rhyme scheme that will captivate young readers. The colorful illustrations capture the creativity and imagination of this poignant tale that encourages readers to believe in themselves and their dreams.

My Thoughts:

Brianna's dream is to dance before the Fairy Queen. A trickster pixie hears Brianna's wish and gives her cake and a skirt that will supposedly help her dance. All of this is just a nasty trick and Brianna is left even more doubtful than she was before, until she realizes that she doesn't need magic. All she has to do is look within herself to realize that she has the power to make her own dreams come true.

I thought this story was adorable and gives a great message. My daughter also loved it. It reminds children that if they believe in themselves they can accomplish anything they set their little hearts and minds to. Another great story by Julia Dweck. I recommend this for any little girl in your life.

* I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Breathing Lessons: Review

Breathing Lessons
Breathing Lessons
Author: Anne Tyler
Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.       
Pages: 327


Maggie Moran's mission is to connect and unite people, whether they want to be united or not. Maggie is a meddler and as she and her husband, Ira, drive 90 miles to the funeral of an old friend, Ira contemplates his wasted life and the traffic, while Maggie hatches a plant to reunite her son Jesse with his long-estranged wife and baby. As Ira explains, "She thinks the people she loves are better than they really are, and so then she starts changing things around to suit her view of them." Though everyone criticizes her for being "ordinary," Maggie's ability to see the beauty and potential in others ultimately proves that she is the only one fighting the resignation they all fear. The book captured the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1989.

My Thoughts:

I really don't know exactly what to say about this book. This novel has won a Pulitzer Prize and I just really can't see how. It didn't seem like anything special to me but perhaps it's just not my taste. Maggie is a meddler and stretched and twisted the truth to try and get people to do what she thought was best. She did these things because she cared and she thought she was helping but it always backfired on her. Half of the time I felt bad for her but the rest of the time I didn't because she put herself in those situations when she decided to stick her nose in other people's business. I was entertained throughout the story but when it ended I felt like it was a waste of time. To me it just felt like it was lacking something. It almost felt as if somebody just picked a random entry out of their journal and decided to publish it. Nothing extraordinary really happened. The plot just wasn't there in my opinion. I will try another book by this author because I have heard good things about her but this one just didn't do it for me.

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The Spy Game: Spotlight

Author & Illustrator J.D. Holiday joins the 2013 World of Ink Virtual Tour

The World of Ink Network will be touring author and illustrator J.D. Holiday's children's
read along picture book, The Spy Game throughout January 2013.

What happens when you end up with a dog you don’t want and only stares? 
About the Book:
Eddie would love to have a puppy to play with. A puppy would pull on a rope. Catch a
ball and lick your face. But his Uncle brings Eddie an older dog named after a famous spy. What can you do with an old dog? It probably couldn't learn new tricks and the only thing this dog did was stare. It's what they find to do together that makes them the best of friends!
Publisher: Book Garden Publisher, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-98186-144-9 Publication Date: August 2012 Places available for sale: Amazon, B&N
About the Author:
J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of four children's books. Picture books:
   JANOOSE THE GOOSE, THE SPY GAME, and Matt Shelley's Halloween Misadventure with Award-winning author, Christy Condoleo, and the chapter book for 6 to 8 year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. J.D. Holiday is a co-host on It's Story Time, Gather 'Round with Christy Condoleo on Blog Talk Radio's World Of Ink
You can find out more about J.D. Holiday, her books and World of Ink Author/Book
Tour at

Follow J.D. Holiday at
The Book Garden

J.D’s Writers Blog

Twitter: @JDHoliday

Facebook Fan:

Publisher Website:

To learn more about the World of Ink Tours visit

Inspiration Behind The Spy Game

             This story is based on a puppy my brother, Ike's dog, Sheeba had. He ask me to take this puppy he named, Sidney Reilly after a spy series he and I watched together and loved.  At the time I had a dog and didn't think my older dog, Snoopy would be happy with a new addition.
            My brother said okay, but he felt sure this dog was for me and he kept it with that in mind.
When the puppy was 11 months old, my brother, Ike died of a heart attack and Sidney came to me,
I was wrong. Snoopy and Sidney got along in their own way. 
Though this did not happen in real live, in The Spy Game I have my brother bring Sidney to my house to live.  

                                                                                                                                      ~ JD Holiday 
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How I Met the Man of My Dreams: Giveaway

How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to MANifesting Yours
Author: Debbianne DeRose
Genre: Self-help/memoir/humor
Publisher: PiscAquarian Press


Years of single-womanhood can leave a gal wondering if she’ll ever find a bonafide SuperLove. To be honest, I doubted that mine even existed. But that’s where the MANifesting gets really interesting: believing is not a requirement. When my Dreamboat sailed into the harbor, I was so inspired that I decided to “reverse-engineer” the Law of Attraction for the single sisterhood, with humor and tough love. Whether you’re new to the Woo, or a veteran looking for a breakthrough, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more practical, fresh (or fresh-mouthed) look at the MANifestation process. So much more than the metaphysical mechanics of rustlin’ up a mate, it’s about who you become in the undertaking. Oh and, of course, there’s a juicy love story to prime your imagination. Prepare to laugh, to take an honest look within, and best of all, to be taken off the market!

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Today I get to share this giveaway with all you wonderful readers out there! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win. Don't forget to thank the author! ;)

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Pansy at the Palace: Review

Pansy at the Palace
Pansy at the Palace
Author: Cynthia Bardes
Illustrator: Kim Weissenborn
Publisher: Octobre Press
Pages: 32


Pansy's life blossoms when she is adopted from an animal shelter by a loving family and little girl named Avery. Swept into her new life at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills, this smart and courageous puppy saves the day by solving a mysterious theft. Pansy at the Palace celebrates the spirit of curiousity and exploration, and teaches us that no one is too small to make a difference in the lives of many!

My Thoughts:

Avery and her mother go to an animal shelter and decide to adopt a poodle which they named Pansy. Pansy is so happy that she is finally going to a new home. She has watched all the other dogs go to new homes but nobody wanted her, until now that is. Pansy's new home happens to be the Palace Hotel where there is a jewel thief on the loose. Pansy proves how clever she is when she sets out to discover who is behind the thefts. She is a hero and loves her new owner and her new home.

My 3 year old daughter and I read this book together and thought it was adorable. Shaelyn wants me to tell you to watch out for a naughty cat! One thing that I really liked about this book was that it reminds children that there are shelter dogs all over the world that are in need of loving homes. It also goes to show that they can be just as great as that puppy you want at the pet store.

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*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Night Journey: Review

Night Journey
Night Journey
Author: Goldie Browning
Publisher: Storyteller Publishing
Pages: 367


Zan and Emma’s romantic weekend at a haunted hotel goes horribly wrong when a bizarre accident leaves Emma in a coma. Her soul is catapulted backward in time to 1938, where she meets Ivy and Harry—a Depression Era Romeo and Juliet—who will someday become Zan’s grandparents. Night Journey is an eerie tale of ghosts who weave in and out of life, past and present, from fact to fiction.

My Thoughts:

Zan and Emma spend a weekend at a haunted hotel for a family wedding. Little did they know that it would end in disaster. Emma ends up in a coma from a mysterious cause and awakens in the past, in someone else's body. Meanwhile in the present, she is the target for an organ transplant scheme. Will her husband be able to save her? Will she return to her own body or be forever trapped in the past?

I really loved this ghostly tale. It's not like anything I have ever read before. There were two storylines but they wove together nicely and really complimented each other. The storylines ended up merging together beautifully. I found the characters to be very likable and you can see how much Zan and Emma love each other. This author's storytelling is amazing in my opinion. You will be anxious right along with the characters to see how it all plays out. I definitely recommend this book if the storyline sounds interesting to you. I look forward to reading more of Browning's work.

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*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Cheryl Carpinello Spotlight


Author Cheryl Carpinello joins the 2013 World of Ink Virtual Tour
The World of Ink Network will be touring both of author Cheryl Carpinello's Middle Grade Arthurian Legend books, The King's Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table) published by MuseItUp Publishing and Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend published by Outskirts Press throughout January 2013.
Some stories become legend while some legends become stories!

Author Talk:

Although a retired teacher, Cheryl Carpinello still has a passion for working with kids. She regularly conducts Medieval Writing Workshops for local elementary/middle schools and the Colorado Girl Scouts. She is not the only one who loves Medieval Times and the King Arthur Legend. The kids thoroughly enjoy writing their own medieval stories complete with dragons, wizards, unicorns and knights!
She loves to travel and her other job is with a major airline. Her favorite trip was a two week visit to Egypt with her husband that included traveling by local train from one end of Egypt to the other.
Some of her favorite books include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Once and Future King, and any by the duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.
You can find out more about Cheryl Carpinello, her books and World of Ink
Author/Book Tour at

Follow Cheryl Carpinello at
Beyond today Educator

Carpinello’s Writing Pages



Publisher Website:

To learn more about the World of Ink Tours visit

Interview with Cheryl Carpinello

Please share your bio with us and anything else you would like readers to know.

I’m a twice-retired high school English teacher. While I still enjoy teaching and working with kids, after 20+ years of grading essays and senior research papers, I finally cried ‘Uncle’. Now I do Medieval Writing Workshops for elementary and middle school students and the Colorado Girl Scouts in addition to writing.

What are some of the things that have influenced/inspired your writing?

My influence for Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend and The King’s Ransom were my high school students. I had students read T. H. White’s The Once and Future King when I couldn’t get them to read anything else. I wrote for the younger students in hopes that they might get hooked on reading at an earlier age.

Joseph Campbell’s The Hero of a Thousand Faces is at the root of all my writing. The idea of the hero’s quest fits perfectly with Arthurian tales and with most of the stories for young readers out there. It figured prominently in The King’s Ransom and is the driving force behind my current work in progress and its characters.

Can you share some writing experiences with us?

Do you want the ones where the words flow out faster than I can write, or the ones where I’m standing and beating my head against the wall? Thankfully, I’ve had some of the former, but none of the latter. When I’m productive, I can write pages and pages without the outside world intruding. On the other hand, when I find myself staring off into space,  rocking too hard to my music, and writing little, I stop. I don’t beat my head against the wall. I’ve learned that my brain is telling me that I’ve not thought things through enough. As I tell my students, I need to do some brain work before continuing.

Tell us briefly about your recently published book and what you feel is the most important topic/sub-message you share.

Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom is an adventure story centered around the journeys of three yet-to-be heroes. Gavin, Bryan, and Philip are the culmination of my study of Joseph Campbell’s The Journey of the Hero. Their individual quests to save their friend demands that each of them dig deep within themselves to find out who they are. In the end, I hope readers come away understanding the cornerstones of Arthurian Legend: Loyalty, Honor, and Friendship.

Like all authors, you have had your fair share of rejection letters. You obviously did not let the letters deter you. How did you keep your determination without getting discouraged?
I did get discouraged. I knew I was on to something with the Arthurian Legend, but no one wanted to listen. I got so discouraged that I decided to take the plunge and self-publish with Outskirts Press. It was not an easy decision either. I had the final copy of Guinevere ready for a month before I got the courage to hit that send button in December 2008! Since then it’s been a lot of hard work and a break from another author I met online to have Young Knights accepted by Muse Publishing and published in 2012.

It has been my experience, some things come quite easily (like creating the setting) and other things aren’t so easy (like deciding on a title). What comes easily to you and what do you find more difficult? 

Amazingly, I usually have a title before I ever get the first draft of a story done. Sometimes before I even start writing. Plotting the story out is the difficult part. I want to be sure that everything works, the characters are where they need to be, etc. One of the frustrations with Young Knights I didn’t discover until I was a couple of drafts in. It hit me like a brick, literally. One of the characters was all wrong. I had to go back to the beginning of the book and make the changes all the way through.
Please describe to us your relationship between you and your editor. What makes an author/editor relationship a success?

I always appreciate another set of eyes on my work. That’s the English teacher in me. Nothing is ever perfect, and every piece of writing can be improved. With that mindset, I’m open to all suggestions from my editors (my two and my publishing company’s two).  I believe it’s important to keep an open mind when working with an editor. Writers have a tendency to view their work as theirs alone. That’s fine if you’re writing just for yourself, but if you’re writing for an audience and to be published, then you need to open yourself and your writing up for constructive criticism.

When they write your obituary, what do you hope they will say about your books and writing? What do you hope they will say about you?

I’m a teacher through and through, and my writing is aimed at reluctant readers. These are kids who know how to read, but choose to do other activities. I hope to be remembered for my dedication to these and all students and for the fact that I wrote the Arthurian Tales in hopes of inspiring kids to embrace the adventure of reading and the ideals of the Knights of the Round Table. Sounds a bit hokey, I know, but I believe that all kids need to know how to read and communicate to be successful in life. What I hope to do is a small piece of that.

Is there any particular book when you read it, you thought, "I wish I had written that!"?

OMG, yes. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I would love to be able to build worlds like Tolkien did. The best part of those books is that they revolve around the Hero’s Journey, a concept around long before Joseph Campbell put it into words.

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? If yes, how did you ‘cure’ it?

What writer hasn’t? I’ve learned that beating myself up doesn’t work. Now I just acknowledge that I need to do more mental work, so I write in my head. When I’ve gotten pass the problem, I go back to writing. I started writing Sons of the Sphinx (my WIP) about five times and quit. Finally, I figured it out and started the final first draft!

What type of books do you mostly write?

My books are Middle Grade/Tween adventure/quest stories. Guinevere and Young Knights are Arthurian Tales. My next book takes place in Ancient Egypt with an adventure/quest by a young Pharaoh and the modern day heroine he calls on for assistance.

Who or what inspires your characters and/or plots?

My imagination and my love of old world and ancient civilizations inspire my characters and my plots. I’ve always loved the Wales of King Arthur’s time, and Ancient Egypt has fascinated me for a long time. We visited Egypt in 2008, and this modern world sitting amid the Ancient ruins and gods stole part of my soul.

Tell us about your writing space.

I can’t do that. I don’t have a writing space. I write on my couch, at the kitchen table, at my desk, and outside on my patio! I just pick where I feel comfortable writing at that moment. The only consistency is that I usually listen to my favorite songs or have a favorite movie of mine on the television.

Is there anything you'd go back and do differently now that you have been published, in regards to your writing career? 

Sometimes I wish I would have pushed through with my earlier tries. I have three completed books that will probably never see the light of day. Then, I look back and realize that with teaching and raising a family, I just didn’t have the time or the drive to do so.

Do you do first drafts on a computer or by hand?

My first draft is usually written by hand. I’ve tried writing on a computer, but I don’t like it as well. While my laptop is small, nothing beats the mobility of a pad of paper and a pen. Transferring my written draft to a computer allows me to do a small bit of editing without slowing me down.

How do you see the future of book publishing, both traditional, electronic and print on demand?

I don’t see physical books going away. In fact, I don’t want them to. Children need the actual physical contact with a book and its pages to re-enforce the value and wonder of reading. I believe that ebooks are here to stay. It’s nice because electronic publishing opens up the world of reading for so many more. POD (print on demand) has the potential to lower publishing costs for the big traditional houses as well as the ever-growing Indie publishers. I think it is here to stay.

What happens before sitting down to write? (Explain your creative process.)

Once I get an idea for a story, I write out an outline, not overly detailed, just an overview of the entire story. Then I spend several days doing what I tell my students is brainwork. I just think about what I’ve outlined, the possible characters, the storyline, conflicts, etc. I then go back to the outline and fill in some of the missing pieces. I do more brainwork and then finalize the outline. Once that is done, I write straight through without stopping to question of verify information. I save that for the next draft.

Do you do a lot of research for your book(s)?

Minimal research was required for Guinevere and The King’s Ransom. Research for Sons of the Sphinx has been extensive and long. The nice aspect about that has been that I’ve immersed myself in Ancient Egypt for months and loved it. In fact, I’m still reading even though I getting ready to revise the first draft.

What voice do you find most to your liking: first person or third person? (Answer only if you write fiction)

I would have to say first person. For me, third person is tough. I tend to forget that I’m not supposed to know certain thoughts, feeling, etc. Young Knights challenged me in that I had to alternate between three viewpoints as each of the characters is a lead character.

Have you received any awards?

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend was a Finalist in Pre-Teen Lit in the 2011 Global Ebook Awards. That was my first foray into the awards arena.

 The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table) has done well for itself. It has earned the 2012 Seal of Approval for Recommended Reading from the Children’s Literary Classics; the 2012 Silver Award for YA Fiction from the Children’s Literary Classics; and named a 2012 Finalist for Ebook Children in the USA 2012 Best Book Awards.

 What advice would you give to a new writer?

I know it’s been said many times, but writers need to write what they love. Also, don’t be afraid to explore and expand on that. It was my love of King Arthur that propelled me into writing. Tying that together with Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey inspired me in my writings for young people. Today this has taken me beyond Arthurian Legend to ancient Egypt where a young pharaoh embarks upon his own journey to write a wrong and be united with his one true love.

Sometimes a person’s writing can take them places they never imagined. Rejoice in that and embrace it!

Use this space to tell us more about your book’s characters. Anything you want your readers to know. Include information on where to find your book(s), any blogs you may have, or how a reader can learn more about you and/or your book(s).

My main website is Beyond Today Educator(, but I apologize in that it needs updating. Pictures of my Girl Scout workshops are posted under the Events tab.

My blog Carpinello’s Writing Pages ( is where I interview children’s authors, preview my upcoming books, and keep readers up-to-date on what is happening in my world.

My books are all available on AmazonUS, AmazonUK, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and other sites.

Young Knights is available from my publisher Muse It Up Publishing ( If purchased there, buyers will receive a free copy of the Teacher’s Guide.

I thank you for taking the time to share with my readers about being an author.

Book Talk:

The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table) Experience the true meaning of friendship and loyalty as three friends, motivated by their belief in the Wild Man's innocence, embark upon life-changing quests testing their limits and forcing each to confront and conquer their fears or face humiliation and/or even death, in their attempt to save their friend.
ISBN: 978-1-77127-056-4
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Publication Date: May 2012

On the Eve of Legend Meet the Princess Guinevere on the eve of her thirteenth birthday and share in her life changing birthday surprise.  
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3704-7
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: March 2009Places available for sale: MuseItUp, Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Ibookstore

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7 Years Younger: Review & Giveaway!

7 Years Younger: The Revolutionary 7-Week Plan to Look and Feel Your Best
7 Years Younger: The Revolutionary 7-Week Plan to Look and Feel Your Best
Author: Editors of Good Housekeeping
Pages: 356


This revolutionary new book kicks off with a 7-day Jumpstart plan offering you all the tools you need to start your total rejuvenation. Then you'll follow the 7-week, science-based program with a holistic approach to looking and feeling younger. Its 7 age erasers cover every base with special regimens for skin care, makeup, hair care, nutrition and diet, fitness, brain fitness, and emotional health. With this program you can "de-age" your skin, use makeup and hair smarts to get a youthful look, rehab your diet and exercise habits in a way that lowers your risk of age-related diseases and to lose weight, learn to sharpen your mind, and nurture your emotional health. You'll be surprised at how much you can turn back the clock on your own--without stepping near a plastic surgeon's office, or spending a fortune on expensive beauty products.

The scientists at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute rigorously tested more than 400 beauty products and conducted more than 5,000 lab tests over the course of two years to find the anti-aging products that really work. Then ten test panelists went on the week long Jumpstart followed by the full 7-week plan. The results were fantastic, with one panelist losing 12 pounds, another losing 10 inches from around her waist, and yet another re-emerging as the glamorous-looking woman she was before she started raising a family. As one of the panelists said, "There are a lot of diet and exercise programs out there on the market. And there are a lot of beauty tips you can get... but '7 Years Younger' has taken all of those things and put them into... a one stop shopping experience for your... overall beauty and health and mindset."

"What's great about the program," says Good Housekeeping editor in chief Rosemary Ellis, "is that you can treat it like a tool kit. You can pick and choose which elements of the program you want to focus on."

My Thoughts:

I am really excited about sharing this book with you and I think it's the perfect time for a little change in our lives for this new year! Who doesn't want to look and feel their best? I know I do! This book starts out with a pledge for you to take and is then divided into 11 chapters. The first 7 chapters focus on the 7 age erasers. They give a wealth of information and tips for your skin, makeup, hair, diet, fitness, brain, and reducing stress. The next few chapters include a jumpstart plan, the 7-week program, and recipes. It can seem a tad bit overwhelming so it's great to have it all broken down into categories.

I have read through this book and can't wait to jump into the plan. This book recommends products that the team have tested and concluded to be the best products out there. Even if you don't follow the plan exactly you can pick and choose things that you want to implement and there are so many tips you can take away from this book for a healthier, more beautiful YOU! Who's with me?!

The editors of Good Housekeeping were kind enough to give me an extra copy to give away to one of you lovely readers! So fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win this awesome book!

Buy a Copy

*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. a Rafflecopter giveaway