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For the Love of David: Review

For the Love of David
Author: Laurel Bradley
Publisher: Storyteller Publishing
Pages: 265


Marissa Fleming isn't ready for motherhood. She's a sophomore in college when an unplanned pregnancy changes everything. Her boyfriend isn't interested in fatherhood, abortion is out of the question, and she can't bring herself to tell her parents or friends. Not knowing what to do, she does nothing until she gives birth in her dorm. Then there's another problem...what to do with the baby?

Libby Armstrong is sad and lonely, with no direction in life, until one cold November morning she notices an athletic bag next to the grocery cart corral. Inside, she discovers an abandoned newborn boy. She knows she should turn him in but refuses to condemn him to the foster care system. She decides to keep him, telling everyone he is hers, that she didn't know she was pregnant. Lie upon lie. But Baby David is worth it. His presence gives Libby the joy she'd been missing.

But Marissa can't get her baby out of her head. She's obsessed with finding him. When her path crosses Libby's, Marissa steals him and runs. But is she prepared for what it takes to provide for herself and the child? Can Libby find peace with the hole in her heart from the loss of David?

My Thoughts:

Marissa is a college student and becomes pregnant. Her boyfriend isn't supportive and leaves her on her own at the first hint that she may be pregnant. She is scared to tell anybody and is able to keep her pregnancy a secret and delivers the baby in her dorm room. She then has to get rid of the baby in order to keep her secret so she leaves David in a duffel bag in the grocery store parking lot. Libby finds David and takes him in as if he is her own son. She loves this baby boy with all her heart and she finally feels like her life has a reason. Then one night, Marissa finds David and steals him back from Libby.

I really felt for Libby in this story. She finds David and takes care of him, loves him with everything she has and to me that's what makes a mother, not just who brings you into this world. It's a really tough situation though because you can also understand how Marissa feels. She feels like it's her second chance and if she really wants to step up and be a mother to her son you can kind of understand why she took him. But you also feel bad for Libby because she's been a mother to this child and loved him SO much. I was really rooting for Libby throughout the book and I was really interested in how it would all play out. I liked the way this book ended. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then I would definitely check it out! What are your thoughts?

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*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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