Monday, September 3, 2012

The Seer: Review

The Seer
Author: Martha Harris
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
Pages: 122


Bobbi Wheeler is a psychiatrist who uses her psychic abilities to help her patients deal with depression and grief. This ability to know her patients’ history and inner thoughts through a simple “touch” is the reason behind her successful therapy sessions with satisfied clients.
Bobbi doesn't always view her abilities as a gift, but a curse, because not all of her dreams are pleasant. She saw her grandfather’s death in a dream when she was young child and tried to prevent it but couldn't. This started her feelings of helplessness whenever she dreams about dangers involving people she encountered and touched by chance.
While she may know the ways in dealing with emotional pain, she is also somehow battling with her own frailties and inner turmoil, making her long for the ocean and the pleasant things about it to give her peace. It is in one of these trips that she meets Lance Wolfe, a nonbeliever in psychics and a widower who blames himself for the death of his wife in a car accident. His guilt somehow hinders him from loving another woman again. Nonetheless, Bobbi opens his heart once more, but not completely. He seems to have the gift, as it is with him that Bobbi learns she can communicate using thoughts alone and go through someone else’s psychic’s mind.
In one of her visits to Lance’s house in Belford, Bobbi feels like she's been inside a man who gave her the most horrifying nightmare ever. This man—who for a time she mistook as one of her patients, Tobias Emerson—murders a couple in her dreams. This man has the ability to control minds and although she is able to go inside the dream and prevent him from doing the crime, the man prevails over her and goes ahead with the carnage. After the police get involved, the man has only one thing on his mind—killing her.

My Thoughts:

I really did enjoy this book. I felt like the topic was fresh because I haven't really read a book along the same lines before. Bobbi Wheeler is a psychiatrist who also has psychic abilities. She can use her gift to help her patients deal with their problems. Sometimes she doesn't see this as a gift because she can also see things that are very unpleasant such as how the person is going to die.

She meets this man named Lance and they are instantly connected. I thought that their relationship was absolutely adorable, however I don't really understand how she opened up to a complete stranger about things that she couldn't tell anybody else. But maybe that is because of the connection between them.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story and felt that the author did a good job going into enough depth to let you feel like you know the characters.

The only things that really bothered me about this book (in the e-book version anyways) was that there were a few misspellings/grammatical errors and that sometimes the transitions from place to place seemed a bit choppy at times.

I thought that the ending wrapped the story up perfectly. I really loved how the author ended every part of the book and didn't just leave you hanging like some do.

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