Monday, December 3, 2012

Trip of a Lifetime - An Anthology: Review

Trip of a Lifetime
Trip of a Lifetime - An Anthology
Edited by: Sarah E. Holroyd
Publisher: Sleeping Cat Books
Pages: 180


What is your idea of the trip of a lifetime? Is it flying off to parts unknown? Traveling through parts of Europe? Lounging on a sandy Caribbean beach? Or do you prefer to stay closer to home and travel through your imagination? Sometimes the trip of a lifetime can be the one you never expected to take. And sometimes a trip becomes quite memorable for the wrong reasons.

In this collection of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction, you will find our contributors’ ideas of the “trip of a lifetime.” Perhaps you’ll find your own ideas in these pages, or perhaps we’ll spark the desire for you to go out and make your own memories!

Carol Alexander
Carole Bellacera
Dianne Bown-Wilson
T. A. Branom
Tony Wayne Brown
Ann Carter
Krikor Der Hohannesian
Bruce Louis Dodson
T. Fox Dunham
Jay Faulkner
Ken Goldman
Michelle Hartman
Ann Howells
Susan L. Kaminga
Priscilla Kipp
Joshua J. Mark
Michael McLaughlin
James Olivieri
Carl Palmer
Eileen Dawson Peterson
Dawn Anderson Sevart
Mary Sexson
Gill Shutt
JeFF Stumpo
Bruce Turnbull
Susan Vespoli
Jon Wesick
Jen White

My Thoughts:

There were several short stories and poems in this book that I really enjoyed. There were others that made me think "what the hell?!?!" One of the stories about dismembered heads I found to be really disturbing. This is the first anthology that I have ever read and I enjoyed reading it because I don't read many short stories or poems these days. It was a light, short, and easy read, but not my favorite. I do think that it could have been much better though. Not many of the stories in this anthology would be my idea of a "trip of a lifetime". I would love to be somewhere warm, tropical, and relaxing preferably next to the ocean.

What is your idea of a trip of a lifetime?

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*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Thanks for supporting my blog, Oh, Chrys! This anthology sounds cool. I would like to read that severed heads story. Haha. New follower. :)

  2. My idea of a trip of a lifetime would involve a climb up a very high mountain...

    Thanks for pointing this one out!

    1. I think that would be my fiance's idea of a trip of a lifetime too. He loves the mountains! :)


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