Friday, December 14, 2012

The Adventures of Lily & Ava: New Friendships: Review

The Adventures of Lily and Ava
The Adventures of Lily & Ava: New Friendships
Author: Gordon Briley
Publisher: Briley Publishing
Pages: 32


The Adventures of Lily and Ava is a rhyming short story series that captures the imaginations of two young girls who are given the freedom to explore their surroundings. The girls seem to find a way to get themselves into entertaining situations where they are forced to solve problems and along the way learn some valuable lessons. Join them in their adventures and see what happens next.

My Thoughts:

Lily is getting new neighbors and they are moving into the creepy house next door. Her parents want to go over and say hello but Lily wants nothing to do with that scary house! When they get there Lily finds that there is a little girl named Ava living there and they instantly become friends. When Ava's kitten escapes, the girls begin their first adventure together. What kinds of adventures are they going to experience next?

This story was adorable, and it rhymed which is always a win for me! I don't know why, but it's always more fun to read your kids a rhyming book! It teaches your children to not be so afraid of new or scary situations because you never know what fun is to be had or what friends are to be made. My 3 year old daughter and I read this book together and she said her favorite part was when the kitty got covered in paint. You should check this book out for the children in your life. :)

What books are the kids in your house reading?

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Author talk:

Gordon Briley was born in a small town in Northern Michigan where his family was surrounded with hay fields and forest. The opportunity to have free rein on hundreds of acres of land offered many exploring adventures for a curious young boy. The vivid memories of his childhood and his love for writing, have given birth to this creative series that will stir the imagination of many young readers.

Gordon's two-year-old daughter, Lily, is the inspiration behind one of the main characters in this series.

The first book in the series New Friendships, will be released October 25, 2012. Several more books are scheduled to be released in the coming year. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the charity of choice of the books' fans.

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  1. seems to be a very interesting story..even me I have a 4 year old younger brother and would love to share this with him...thanks for dropping by in our blog and I'm your newest follower :)

    Happy festive season<3

  2. You should share it with your brother! :) And thanks so much for the follow!!

  3. I'll let my brother know about this... sounds good for his kids....


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