Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Wicked Wives: Review

The Wicked Wives
Author: Gus Pelagatti
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc.
Pages: 296
The Wicked Wives is based on the true story of the 1938 Philadelphia murder scandals in which seventeen wives were arrested for murdering their husbands.
Mastermind conspirator Giorgio DiSipio, a stunning lothario and local tailor who preys upon disenchanted and unfaithful wives, convinces twelve of them to kill their spouses for insurance money.
The murder conspiracy is very successful until on lone assistant D.A., Tom Rossi, uncovers the plot and brings the perpetrators to justice.
The Wicked Wives is a story made for Hollywood, combining murder, corruption, treachery, love, lust and phenomenal detail as it vividly captures Depression-era Philadelphia.
Author Talk:
Gus Pelagatti is a practicing trial lawyer with over forty-three years of experience trying civil and criminal cases, including homicide. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, limited to attorneys who have been recognized as achieving a standard of excellence as a trial lawyer. He spent years researching the murder scandals and interviewed judges, lawyers, police and neighbors involved in the trials. He was born and raised within blocks of the main conspirator's tailor shop and the homes of many wives convicted of murdering their husbands. Gus lives with his wife, Rita, in Gladwyne, Pa. and is still an active trial attorney in Philadelphia.
My Thoughts:
I love reading murder/crime books but usually I read fiction. I was absolutely intrigued and knew that I had to review this book when I found out it was based on a true story. I have never heard about the Philadelphia murder scandals so it was really interesting to read and learn more about.
You can tell that the author did his research when he wrote this book. During this book you get an inside look into all of the work Tom Rossi did to uncover all of the secrets that the wives and the other people involved in this conspiracy had. I felt like I was watching a really interesting documentary on the Philadelphia murder scandals. His writing just drew me in. I can't imagine ever being able to do that to my family. I can't imagine murdering my husband for money. This novel shows how greedy and evil people can truly be.
There are so many details in this book about the characters and their backgrounds so you really feel like you are there. You feel like you can actually love or hate the characters based on what the author has said about them.
I really enjoyed this book and was not expecting the "twist" in the end!
*I received this book in exchange for my honest review.
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