Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'll Put 3 Chips on God: Review

I'll Put 3 Chips on God - just in case there is one
Author: Preeti Gupta
Publisher: CopperPages Inc.
Pages: 298


Agnosticism + Logic + Faith = My Spirituality

These are the ingredients in my ice-cream cone, along with Soul Energy, Reincarnation, Karma, Detachment, Vegetarianism, Astrology, Meditation, and the Ego. I believe these concepts make some sense based on the tenets of logic and science. Even to a skeptic like me.

But I am entitled to change my mind at any time. If tomorrow someone were to show me some indisputable, miracle-backed proof that their way is the correct way and I will go to Hell if I don't squat on one foot chanting 3.5 times a week, I will happily throw away my chocolate cone and switch to strawberry.

For now, here is what I believe, and why . . .
My Thoughts:
I've got to say, I absolutely enjoyed this book! I don't typically talk to others about my beliefs or read religious or spiritual books. It seems to be a very touchy subject and I've learned in my 22 (almost 23) years of life that a lot of times people will talk down to you about what you believe in. They may tell you that your way is the wrong way and that their way is the right way, the only right way. I don't like people preaching to me telling me I am damned if I don't do things a certain way. So I tend to keep my beliefs to myself and I respect any one's beliefs, whether I agree or not. I feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs and who am I to judge anyway?
Now, I did not feel that way at all while I read this book. I felt like I was simply chatting with a friend (a quite humorous friend) about her beliefs. I did not feel that she was preaching to me at all or that she was absolutely perfect, a saint. I was not bored out of my mind like I have been reading other "spiritual" books. What I really loved about this book was that the author did not make you feel like her way was the one and only correct way. I felt like I can take what I want from the book and leave the rest. I also loved how she touched on both sides of every subject not just HER side. If you are like me and you are open to hearing what someone else believes and why, whether you are set in your beliefs or not, I really think that you will enjoy this book.
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*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review
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  1. I totally agree, I don't usually like to read spiritual books, or talk about my religious beliefs, because people in certain religions are like, "WHOA YOU'RE IN THE WRONG RELIGION AND I MUST SAVE YOU!!!!!" However, it is always nice to have an actual discussion about your beliefs, where people listen to each other and share ideas. That sounds like what this book is aiming for. I'd be interested in reading it!

    1. Exactly! I totally agree with you. My fiance and I talk about our beliefs and I do find it fascinating to listen to someone else speak about it. I enjoy talking about it as long as it doesn't turn into some sort of religious debate. You should read this book! I found it VERY interesting. You can get it on Amazon and it is also available as a download if you have a Nook or Kindle. :)


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