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Internal Security: Review

Internal Security
Author: David Darracott
Publisher: Lightning Rod Books
Pages: 346


In the biggest news story since 9/11, a deadly bombing stuns the nation - and small-town reporter Tom Darden makes himself some deadly enemies. Investigating the mysterious, fiery attack on a Florida hotel, he chances upon the scoop of a lifetime in the charred remains. His tough questions and bare-knuckled reporting forces him to go on the run as he uncovers a secret plot so explosive it could bring down the government of the United States. Threatened with exposure, the ruthless men behind the plot will stop at nothing to shut him up. For Darden, reporting the truth might just save the nation - but at the cost of his own life.

Author Talk:

David Darracott is the author of novels and short stories, as well as nonfiction for magazines, television, and film productions. He holds a Masters degree in English and received a Hambidge Fellowship in 2009-2010. Though fiction is his passion - first, last, and always - fly fishing and golf run a close second. A graduate of Emory University, he lives in north Atlanta.

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My Thoughts:

Tom Darden is a reporter who is struggling to get a big story that could advance his career. When he finds the story of a lifetime he fights to uncover the truth and put the pieces of this puzzle of a story together. His deep interest in uncovering this secret plot puts his life in danger. He believes that the Americans should know the truth about what is going on right in their own country, but is it worth risking his life?

I found this book to be very believable which made it that much better. It's amazing to think about what could be going on in our country that we don't even know about. It really makes you wonder what the government could really be hiding from us all. This book really opens your eyes up to things that really go on in our world such as torture. It's absolutely crazy that human beings could do that to one another.

I kind of wish that the epilogue would have included more information in regards to his family. That being said, I was shocked at the ending because it wasn't predictable. I really liked the fact that the ending was unpredictable. It makes this story different from most of the others out there. I would love to read more by this author and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

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