Monday, March 3, 2014

Lucky Phoo: Review

Lucky Phoo
Author: Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon
Publisher: Imajin Books
Pages: 182


LUCKY PHOO by Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon

When luck and the magic of friendship combine, anything is possible…

Seventh graders Caylie Jiang-Kahn, Lauren Blindell and Sabrina Robinson are making a movie about their friendship when a dirty stray dog shows up and ruins the day. In frustration, Lauren mutters, “Oh phooey,” which leads to the girls naming the dog “Phoo.”

When Phoo is caught and taken to the animal shelter, the girls agree to foster him until he can be adopted. They immediately notice something strange. Every time the dog is around, lucky things seem to happen. The moment he’s gone, the luck disappears.

What happens when they all need the dog’s magic at the same time? It’s up to Caylie, Lauren and Sabrina to decide once and for all: Is Phoo truly a lucky dog? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

Sabrina, Caylie, and Lauren were making a movie about their friendship when a dirty dog comes along and ruins their shoot for the day. Little did they know that when Phoo, as they named him, was around he seemed to bring luck with him.

When Phoo ends up at the animal shelter the girls agree to take turns fostering him. When they realize that he's a lucky dog they all start demanding more time with him. Will this situation bring them closer together or tear their friendship apart?

This was a cute little story that I'm sure kids will love. Kids will be able to relate to the girls and the problems they have whether it be crushes, mean kids at school, pressure form their parents, or a difficult home life. These problems make it all the more realistic. My 4th grader is reading this book at the moment so I'm excited to hear his thoughts on it, especially since the main characters are girls. I think tween girls would like this book the best.

*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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