Monday, July 15, 2013

Hoodie: Review


Author: S. Walden
Publisher: Penny Press
Pages: 223


Anton Robinson is a black high school senior six weeks shy of graduation. Six weeks shy of freedom. And six weeks shy of never seeing the girl of his dreams again. He’s resigned himself to this, albeit reluctantly and with a heavy heart, because he knows he has no legitimate reason to initiate a friendship with her. And he’s scared to. His love interest, Emma Chapman, moves in different circles, is clearly from a world of economic advantage, and just happens to be white. He cannot imagine she would ever be interested in a black boy from the ghetto. But his luck changes when he is paired with her for an end-of-term English assignment, and he hopes to flirt his way into her heart.

Emma never noticed Anton before the start of their project but quickly develops an attraction to him that is undeniable. Spending nearly every day together, they discover surprising similarities and sharp differences between each other that excite them and draw them closer until they find themselves embarking on a secret romance. They are too afraid of how their friends and family will react, but they recognize the impracticality of keeping their love secret. When they finally go public with their relationship, the consequences are shocking, swift, and life-changing.

This is a Mature YA novel that contains explicit language and some sexual situations.

My Thoughts:

Emma and Anton get paired up for an English project that lasts for six weeks. At first Emma does not want to be his partner and doesn't know how she is going to last six weeks having to work with him. They slowly end up falling in love with each other. Because they are different races and move in different circles, they are worried about how other people will react to their growing relationship. When they do decide to let everyone know they are romantically involved they suffer consequences that will greatly impact their lives. Will this tear them apart or make them stronger? Was it worth it?

This was a fantastic read even though the ending ripped my heart into a million pieces. I don't believe I have read a book regarding interracial relationships so this was a new topic for me. I think that these kinds of books need to be written because there is so much hate in the world. Emma is a rich white girl and Anton is black and living in the ghetto. They love and accept each other despite these differences but not everybody is accepting as they are. What they have to go through after getting the courage to let everyone know they are together is heart wrenching. Why can't people just be kind!? This was a beautiful story and I would recommend it. I think that people should just let others live their lives the way they want to. If that's not how you would live your life then that's fine. If you don't agree with it, that's fine. Live your life and let others live theirs. You don't have to like it. That's just my opinion.

*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



  1. The title Hoodie stopped me in my tracks. After what we've been through didn't expect to hear "Hoodie" as a title for a long time. I would love to read this one.


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