Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stuck in the Doldrums: Review

Stuck in the Doldrums

Stuck in the Doldrums: A Lesson in Sharing
Author: Carole P. Roman
Publisher: CreateSpace
Series: A Captain No Beard Story #3
Pages: 36
When the wind stops blowing, Captain No Beard and his crew, including First Mate Hallie, Linus the Lion, Fribbet the Frog, Mongo the Monkey and Polly the Parrot, are stuck on a desert island. Maroon with nothing to do, they begin to play and enjoy themselves. However, Captain
No Beard has other ideas, bossing his crew around and making playtime cheerless for everyone. Soon, Captain No Beard decides he has had enough and storms off. When his ship is attacked by a giant squid, he realizes he needs his crew more than ever.
Captain No Beard and his crew show young readers that's it's important to cooperate and share your belongings. The crew teaches us that if you want to have friends, then you must be a  friend too. (Goodreads)
My Thoughts:
Today I am back with another book by Carole P. Roman. We are absolutely loving her books so far! In this story, Captain No Beard bosses around everyone on his crew and is not fair to the others. He thinks because he is the captain of the ship that everything should be his way. The rest of the crew have had enough with the way he has been treating him and did not want to play with him if he was going to be mean to them. Captain No Beard took off back to his ship alone until something happened that made him realized he couldn't do this alone. He needed his shipmates.  
The kids and I loved this book and like most of these stories, it teaches a valuable lesson. (Those are my favorite kind!) Captain No Beard learned that, although he was the captain, his crew was just as important and he couldn't do his job without them. It teaches kids that when they are bossy and mean, nobody is going to want to play with them. They need to share and be fair and nice to their friends or they will end up not having any. Nobody wants to be treated that way and they might not be there when you need them the most if this is how you treat them.
I am in love with the way the artist illustrates these books. I think they are fabulous and my kids love them as well. Another imaginative, fun, and lesson-filled book by Carole P. Roman. You should definitely look into these books for the munchkins in your life!



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