Friday, March 15, 2013

Tales From Old Oaktown: Racoon Rodeo: Review

Tales From Old Oaktown: Raccoon RodeoTales From Old Oaktown: Raccoon Rodeo
Author: Nicole Wright
Illustrator: Joseph Mesa
Publisher: Ravenfire Publishing
Pages: 18


Tales From Old Oaktown: Raccoon Rodeo is the perfect short, bedtime story to read to kids at bedtime or any time! (18 pages - Recommended for ages 4-8)

Sheriff Ralphy the raccoon has his work cut out for him when some shady rats who call themselves the "Rat Pack Gang" come into town looking to stir up trouble.

When Miss Rachel the raccoon's jewels go missing, it's up to Ralphy to catch the pesky varmints which leads to an unexpected twist and an epic showdown, Raccoon Rodeo style.

My Thoughts:

This story is pretty cute and is written by a 9 year old girl. I really enjoy reading books that are written by children. The one thing that threw me off a little was that although rodeo was in the title, there was no rodeo in the book. There is a shootout in the story but it involves shooting targets not each other which I was happy about. I try to refrain from exposing my munchkins to violence as much as possible so that was nice!

The illustrations, done by the author's uncle, were excellent. I really hope that Miss Wright continues to write books and has her uncle illustrate. They seem like a great team and, in my opinion, have a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing if this young girl has more writing in her future.



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