Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Diary of a Penguin-napper: Review

Diary of a Penguin-napper
Diary of a Penguin-napper
Author: Sally Harris
Publisher: Frankly Books
Pages: 162


3 weeks ...
2 boys ...
1 little penguin ...

What could possibly go wrong?

When 11 (and a half) year old Marty is partnered up with Jessica on the overnight science trip, he thinks all of this dreams are about to come true. It's his big chance to impress the most beautiful girl in Year 7 (and probably the world) and he wouldn't miss it for anything.

Only problem is: Marty can't afford to go on the overnight trip.


Inspired by the urban myth that it is possible to steal a penguin from the zoo on a school visit, Diary of a Penguin-napper is a hilarious tale of growing up, bending the rules and how one big fuss can be caused by stealing just one little penguin.

My Thoughts:

When Marty gets paired up with the girl of his dreams, although she doesn't know his name, for a science trip he would do anything to go. Even if that means stealing a penguin . . .

I thought this book was absolutely adorable and hilarious! Love, love, loved it! My stepson is really excited to read it too. This is the story of how a penguin ended up in Marty's bathroom and you get to go along for the adventure. I would have to ask my stepson if this book is anything like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, I haven't read them but he has read them all and loves them. It includes snippets from Mary's diary throughout the book which are really funny.

This book was so cute and a lot of fun to read, even for an adult. I know that kids would LOVE this! I would definitely recommend this book! It will show you EXACTLY how much trouble one little penguin can cause.

* I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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