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The Chamber of Thousands Caves: Review

The Chamber of Thousands Caves
Author: Gabriel Aznarez
Pages: 229


Three young brothers suddenly discover that they are not as common as they thought… and that the all Universe is in imminent danger of falling in hands of Belnaster, master of evil, and his demoniac army.
Living in their grandparent’s house they accidentally discover the entrance to a hallucinating chamber and discover that all they have learn about the universe at that moment is not the whole truth…

The world is divided in 7 Dimensions: 3 ruled by the good, 3 by evil, and one, which keeps those apart. This one, where good and evil is fighting for all eternity, since the beginning of time, is known as Realdan, and is the world we know... In Realdan, exist one magic location that contains the entrance portal to all the other dimensions. This place is called: The enclosure of the thousand caves and there are placed the Seven Dimensional Arcades. Who dominate these Arcades will be able to circulate freely througth them, to all the dimensions. The forces of evil are after this chamber in order to take possession. Our three heroes, becomes the guardians of the 7 Arcades. They become “Andaluins” …
There are thought times to come and it seems that evil forces are winning. After thousands of years, they have discovered the location of the magic Chamber and they are ready to attack. The entire Universe depends in what these 3 brothers can do...
A perfect mix of magic, supernatural powers, science and outer space novel.

This saga has already published 5 books in Spanish language and had been awarded with the “Bartolom√© Hidalgo Award” for best children’s and young adult saga. Now available to English language, thanks to the Anthony Shaw´s translation.

The five books already published in Spanish language:
1.- The Chamber of the thousands Caves (Los 7 portales in Spanish)
2.- Rescue in Decadunoll (Rescate en Decadunoll in Spanish)
3.- Journey to the center of the Sun (Viaje al centro del Sol in Spanish)
4.- The blood of the Chosen one (La sangre del elegido in Spanish)
5.- The Sacred Talismans (Los Talismanes sagrados in Spanish)
And Soon the 6th book: Re-incarnation (La reencarnación in Spanish)

The first Book of the Saga is alrready translated to Portuguese and French.
*Copied directly from Amazon any spelling errors are not my own.
My Thoughts:
There are some things in this book that I wasn't sure if people would find appropriate for their children such as the word dammit. So I just want to warn parents out there that there are small things such as this in this book so you can make the decision for yourself whether you want your child to read this or not. I also felt that the writing was for children but in adult language. Does that make any sense? There are some words that adults use that children may not know what they mean. There are also quite a few spelling/grammatical errors in this book.
With that being said, this was a very fun story. Two brothers and a sister go to live with their grandparents and they realize that there is a lot of mystery surrounding the house. They discover a chamber and they also uncover a lot of secrets! This book is filled with different worlds and dimensions and the children learn that there is more to the world than they ever thought possible.
I'm not sure if I would recommend this book. It was fun, but it wasn't my favorite story. I think that the story was a wonderful idea but I think it could have been much better.


  1. I appreciate your honest comments. It's sometimes hard to know how children will react to different stories and settings.

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  4. Enjoyed your review. Sometimes brief synopsis don't tell parents everything they should know about a book before their children read it.

    BTW, nice to meet you.

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  11. Makes me wonder if something was lost in translation (you mention some of the vocab is a bit tough for the younger set). I'll see if I can find it in Spanish -- I need to practice anyway, and kids books are a fun way for me to do that.

    Returning your follow -- thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Because a lot of people who have read the Spanish version absolutely love it! So I'm wondering if it's a lot better in Spanish. If you find it and read it let me know! :)

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    It bothers me a bit when they have dammit, or other kind of bad words in books for younger children. I read aloud to my kids so I just skip saying or change it, but soon my daughter will be reading chapter books alone and I prefer she not be reading that word until she's a bit older. I also don't like when they say God like a curse word. I know it's the way I grew up and what was ingrained in me, and that people say it ALL THE TIME, but I cringe every time. And I'm not even religious!
    Anyway, the story itself sounds interesting!

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    I am sorry this one wasn't what you were expecting. It is always hard when a book isn't as good (or clean) as you thought it should or would be.

  14. Good review. Not quite my genre of reading, of course...


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